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Poison in Paradise


Technology in 1986

The First laptop computer and much more.  No Internet.  No Facebook.  No Twitter.  No e-mail. The United Kingdom and France announce plans to construct the Channel Tunnel. Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates after launch, killing all on board The Soviet Union launches the Mir Space Station IBM unveils t
November 22, 2016 Jim Shon

1986 Cultural Events

1986 Cultural Events:

The Oprah Winfrey Show debuts. Best Picture:  Out of Africa Other movies:  Hannah and Her Sisters,  The Color of Money, The Mission Nintendo video games introduced in U.S. Record of the Year:   We Are the World
November 22, 2016 Jim Shon

Significant Events in 1986

In 1986 John David Waihee III was elected governor of Hawaii, the first native Hawaiian to be Hawaii’s elected governor since Statehood.   Republican Pat Saiki was elected to the U.S. Congress.  And former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos fled to Hawaii.

Hawai’i tourism 14% higher than the year before, surpassing the five million tourist mark for the first time. Castle & Cooke ch
November 22, 2016 Jim Shon

My Book, Poison in Paradise

Poison in Paradise was written and takes place in 1986.  What was the world of 1986?

Ronald Reagan was president. There were two great disasters:  the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown, and the Space shuttle. Challenger exploded after its launch. The Chicago Bears won the Superbowl, and the Mets won the World Series. William H. Rehnquist became Chief Justice of the US Supre
November 22, 2016 Jim Shon