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Poison in Paradise


A Charter School Story


February 25, 2017 Jim Shon

How Organizations Work: Inside Hawaii’s Capitol

Inside Hawaii’s Capitol looks at how government works, or doesn’t. Politicians tend to focus more on individual personalities in a bureaucracy and less on the organizational structure. Organizational arteries are clogged by several chronic diseases: memory loss, the pride of forms, desktop parking, loss of urgency, black box bafflement, grassroots demoralization, micro/macro confusion, and fear of failur

February 17, 2017 Jim Shon

Legislative Rebellion

It is extremely difficult to organize a legislative rebellion against the existing leadership. Members are reluctant to jump on just any old bandwagon, knowing that failure will bring isolation and punishment. In the book Shogun, Lord Toronaga interrogates the English pilot Blackthorn on his lack of loyalty to his superiors. Treason and disloyalty are capital offices. “When is treason justified?” he asks

February 15, 2017 Jim Shon

Political life

Political life is filled with undeserving praise and unfair criticism. Legislative events or votes can be interpreted cynically or idealistically. Often both apply.

The inner life of a state legislature is often not well understood. Leadership struggles often create strong bonds as well as resentments and affronts that hold the key to collaborations, coalitions, and rebellions in the future. Most factions vying fo

February 10, 2017 Jim Shon