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Poison in Paradise


I Am Looking For A Leader

Looking For A Leader

I am looking for a leader…one who encourages all of us to live our lives with integrity, compassion, and intelligence. I want to be inspired, energized, and filled with hope.

I am looking for a leader… one with courage and backbone, who is not afraid to stand up for an unpopular group, belief or value. My leader is so bold as to surround him or herself with people who know more, and

March 30, 2017 admin

Are you a smart voter?

Are you an intelligent voter? How to be a “smart” voter.

In 2018 we will hold important elections. Of course, we all hope that every citizen will participate fully in our democracy. That each will be attentive and perceptive and thoughtful in determining how to cast this vote. Unfortunately, anyone who has paid even dim attention to the media knows that there is a disturbing preoccupation with everything bu

March 29, 2017 admin

We are weavers of a multicultural society

We are Weavers.

Through our hands Bright notions ravel, Velvet Mountains, Rainbows calling, Oceans yearning. We toil and dance to the images We’re learning. Hues entwining destinies, Each thread Held by dependencies, The opposites pursue their courses, Appreciate each other’s’ sources In Kapakahi harmony.

We are Weavers. A blue-eyed girl, a golden man. A pristine valley, A human alley, Are

March 17, 2017 admin

Poison in Paradise characters reflect Hawaii’s Multi-cultural Society

Poison in Paradise reflects the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic fabric of Hawaii’s government. Its main characters represent some of the most influential stakeholders and contentious issues of the 1980’s. Main Characters Ramsey Bingham – Chair of the Board of the Sandwich Isles Chemical Corp. Carleton Brent – London based Insurance mogul Eastland Bridges – a Hawaii State Senator Mei-Ling Bridges – wife

March 6, 2017 admin